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Manuel Escontrias is an IRS licensed enrolled agent and can help you Get Tax Relief & IRS Debt Relief by solving your Tax problems. Manuel Escontrias will personally handle & represent your tax problems and negotiate your tax settlement & unpaid back taxes with the IRS. Manuel Escontrias has obtained (over 10 Years) an excellent training preparation by reading and studying resource materials to certify as an enrolled agent (Universal Accounting and EA preparation course), participating in numerous computer webinars, attending certification seminars from the leading Professionals such as Joe Mastroni, Dana Pilla, Dr. Ron Mueller and Others that prepared him to be able to provide high quality tax relief services.

There is no such thing as a hopeless tax problem. IRS problems do not go away unless you take action! 

There are 2 things you need to understand,

  • There is a solution to your IRS problem. IRS provides a ways and means to deal with your unsettled back taxes.
  • Procrastination & waiting for the IRS to contact you is not a solution. In fact, that may go against you & may result into a Wage Garnishment. Bank Levy etc. imposed  by the IRS.

To Resolve your IRS problems, the first step is to stop procrastinating and running. Take action today before the IRS does! Hire someone who is qualified and has the experience to help you solve IRS problems. Many people try to handle their IRS problems themselves, resulting in frustration and negative results. Manuel is an IRS licensed  representative and can handle each client's tax problem personally and attempt to successfully negotiate the best possible solution for you. Manuel can help you eliminate your tax  penalties, file Unfiled Returns, get a payment plan for back taxes, release tax levies and get an Offer in Compromise.

Manuel Escontrias, MBA, EA provides a full range of tax relief and tax controversy services for Individual and Sole Proprietorship or C Corp, S Corp, Partnership Entities related to whatever your IRS issues may be, including

  • Pre-examination audit readiness analysis
  • Examination planning and representation
  • Tax Appeals representation
  • Tax litigation support
  • Compliance matters involving information reporting and withholding

With our in-depth knowledge of IRS practice and procedure, we can help clients efficiently resolve difficult tax matters.

Do not Gamble with your hard-earned money by representing yourself before the IRS. Only a lifetime of experience  in handling IRS cases can guarantee you the best solution to you tax problem.

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or Call 832-746-9485 (cell), 281-838-1592 (O)